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The Creators of Choices

The Creators of Choices are Husband and Wife Team who have brought their life's experiences together to create a program to help youth and young Adults make better Choices. Ronnie was born in Watts California, in 1972 to a single mother who was left on her own to raise 6 children. Although his mother came from a southern family and her father was a preacher, the crack cocaine era grabbed ahold of her as a young girl. She began to make bad Choices that would carry on to her children and change their lives forever. Young addicted and unable to deal with her rage, Ronnie became recipient of his mother's rage and was removed from his home at the age of 9 and placed into foster care.

Foster care did not protect Ronnie who was abused by more than one foster parent and moved around from home to home. Ronnie turned to the gang life as a way to find a family and protection from the ongoing abuse.

The Choices Ronnie made lead to a life off incarceration starting with boy's homes, Juvenile Hall, the California Youth Authority, and County Jail and finally Prison. .

In 2009 Ronnie became certified as a Gang Prevention specialist to help young people make better choices and in 2013 he and his wife launched Choices Workshops.

"It is our goal to tap into the minds of youth and young adults through the game of Chess. Focus, strategy, thinking ahead, protecting the king which represents self, all the moves of Chess are parallel to life. Comments co-creator Ronnie.

Today Ronnie and his wife are business owners, authors and both work in the legal field focusing on tenant and homeowner rights.