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Chess Teaches Youth How To Make Better Choices

Welcome To Choices Workshops. Choices was created by Husband and Wife Team to help youth understand how to make better choices using the game of Chess. Chess is a game of the mind that can help youth find focus while learning the game of life. Each move is used to teach youth and young adults how the Choices they make affect their lives and the lives of those around them. Co-Creator of the program Ronnie is a well studied Chess Player who has mastered the game and uses its theory in his day to day life to make better Choices. Much like the game of Chess everyone has their role and the pawn is as important as the King.

Ronnie uses his own life's experience to reach his audience where they are because he understands them. Choices does not preach, Choices teaches, empowers and guides youth and young adults to see themselves for something greater than the dark reality of their surroundings. The game of Chess is a vessel to challenge their mind.

Choices is a frank and honest program that comes from a person who has lived the life many of the youth he reaches are living.

Choices Workshop is a 90 minute program that is dynamic, honest and gets to the heart of its audience moving them to want to be better, and truly find the Greatness in them.

Attendees to the workshop are given a work book that takes them through the game of Chess and creates a space for them to set their own goals and identify who they are and what they want to do in life.    The workbook will also include the resources to assist them in taking vocational training and other types of programs to help them with job placement  so they can set goals for themselves. It will also include various foundations for drug rehab programs,  health insurance information, housing information, and other resources needed to help them and their families.

Choices Workshops Include

  • Understanding the affects of the Choices we make
  • Value your Life
  • Friendship vs. Homeboys
  • The Power Of Helping Others
  • How to rise above your circumstances by tapping within yourself
  • Stand on your own-how to avoid peer pressure
  • Having a criminal record and the affects on life
  • Freedom vs. Incarceration
  • Drug Abuse and what it does to the mind and spirit
  • Respect for others and their property
  • The Reality of Prison
  • Bling is not worth the price
  • How to turn your passion or talent in life into a business or career

For further information on how to bring Choices to your School, Church or Organization please email us.